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Andrea Turner-Boys

Why I Started WWA.

Then Welcome to Women with Altitude, this is a place for women to get support, learn new skills about business, or tools to use in their career or workplace. Its about community and connection, a place to collaborate and cheer each other on. A place to connect your services and or share your experiences with others.

Whether you’re a mum, a newly appointed manager, a long term business operator or wondering about your purpose on what to do next. This is a tribe of women dedicated to helping each other succeed.

How Women with Altitude Began

When I first started out in business 16 years ago, I discovered very quickly that this was a very challenging path. I realised that I had to put myself out there, and despite my loud guffaw and smiley disposition, so many times I felt self conscious, not good enough and overwhelmedby the enormity of what following my dream was meaning. Read More

We invite you to JOIN our community of INSPIRING women

We asked our membership to help us develop our intention based on what they had experienced at WWA.

How We Can Help You

We believe in an abundance mental- ity. We collaborate and advocate for one another, providing encourage- ment and inspiration. We support one another in realising our dreams and goals, providing not only business, but also personal support. We are kind, respectful, friendly and always ready to listen. We laugh, we cry, we celebrate. We are an oasis of shared ideas, smiles and open arms.We are your support network. Your community.


We offer Altitude Networking Groups at various locations around NSW. They are small and friendly, a great place to network, get questions answered and receive support and advice. Click for more

Mentoring & Mindset

We know from experience that getting support or assistance makes a huge difference to our success., We offer a range of mentors and mindset programs to support you internally as you head toward your goals. Click for more

Workshops and Seminars

We have an extensive range of hands on learning workshops, websinars and small bsuiness hubs. Designed to be practical and hands on, we help you apply right in the room with support and help. Click for more

Altitude Awards

Rarely do we girls look back to see how far we have progressed. Soemtimes we are even reluctant to share our stories, Our awards program is a yearly event to honour and shine a spotlight on achieving women Click for more. Click for more