This year Women with Altitude’s theme for the year is


Take that first step……Pick up the phone………. Start that project… Set a goal

You get the idea!

© Kirsten Flavell 2014 is no right or wrong, there is no goal that is better than another. We just encourage you to take some sort of step forward to what you want and then another step and then another.

Here at WWA headquarters we have already completed our first courageous thing this year. In May we are holding a fundraiser for charity, so in February for the promotional poster, a group of  our members jumped in and posed topless for a good cause!
We had plenty of fun, goosebumps laughed a lot! But overall we felt a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

This process is meant to be fun. Do whatever works for you rather than against you.

So take the challenge!  On the 28th of February at an event that also celebrated International Women’s Day, 55 women shared their goals for the year which we captured in our ‘Elevate’ Jar.

We will keep checking in to see how they are going and celebrate your wins along the way!