Q: I’m not a business owner, is there something for me?

Women with Altitude is filled with women in business, consultants, and corporate, professional women. If you like connecting with like-minded women, want to be inspired then there will be something for you at a Women with Altitude event.

Q: Is Women with Altitude ‘Clique’ I don’t like clique’ groups

Women with Altitude’s philosophy is to make all women feel welcome, at all times and at all events. There are women who come regularly who may know each other well, and they are very welcoming people. Women with Altitude tends to attract women who are warm and generous. This is a very important part of the success of our network and its one of the core values that underpin its existence, so I would like to say no, there is not a clique’ atmosphere

Q. I’m a but shy or haven’t been in business long, I wont know anybody, it makes me nervous 

Everyone can feel nervous entering an event on her own. We have dedicated members who we will connect you with at each event, so that you will not feel alone and help you to establish some connections. The more your come along the more women you will come to know.

Q: I’ve booked to come along but I haven’t paid, can I pay on the day?

For catering purposes, we require payment prior to the event, to guarantee your place. Women with Altitude will generate a tax receipt and email it to you.

Q: I’m a small business and for Cashflow prefer payment plans. Do you have those?

Yes we do. WWA is also a small business so we uniquely understand small business Cashflow challenges. Our membership fee is available on a monthly debit with pay solutions. All of our courses and workshops can also be added to payment plans. Simply contact Andrea here to arrange.