Social Media and Business - The Maze - WWA

You know this vast mazes they have in the UK that you can get lost in? I feel like that’s where we are at with social media. In fact last week, the gorgeous Anne-Maree Kerr said something essential at our Penrith Women with Altitude Event, that I thought would be good to repeat and share.

Nobody is a total expert on Social Media. If they are telling you this, Anne-Maree believes they are not truth-telling. Let me quantify. There are knowledgeable people out there in social media businesses, consultants and agencies helping us navigate because they defiantly know more than the average joe or Jodie. It’s just that this social media is changing weekly. The shifting sands of this new medium mean that keeping up to the minute is mostly impossible, even if you were in Mark Zuckerberg’s head. It’s so much bigger than just him now; there are more players and platforms and social, lawful and cultural implications at play.
Anne- Maree quantifies by saying we just don’t know. Everyone is experimenting and hence the constant changes. I don’t think its that different in your business. Apps, technology, language, marketing, they are all shifting constantly. One of the tasks I think we need to have on our list is to keep connecting, keep learning, don’t do one course and think it’s complete. We have to shift that thinking. We all need to keep plugging in, sharing, experimenting and communicating. This is key to keeping up to date.
When planning your year and looking at what courses or guidance you may need in these essential and yet often overwhelming subjects. Keep learning and plugging into whats on offer or around us. The time that we used to have where we attended one course and got all we needed I think are sadly gone by.
Its certainly making us rethink what we offer and how often we offer it.
Let us know what you are struggling with, or feeling overwhelmed or isolated by, and we can add something to our program for you.

Until next week love and hugs
Andy xx