Speak Your Truth, Own your Space | WWA

Last week I had the privilege of delivering my ‘Can you hear me in the back’ workshop, a workshop where we step into our power, stand and deliver a talk or content to the front of the room. There are so many women still feeling insecure or hiding their magnificent presence and personalities when it comes to presenting.
If you have a small business it is one of the most cost effective strategies you can utilise when growing a business or getting your name out there.
Yet the ‘imposter’ syndrome is alive and well. In fact, I see it thriving in many communities. Last week we smashed through some of this fear. I was so jubilant when I saw women stepping into their power, owning their space and sharing their knowledge of passion. There are some specific points to consider though when you want to put yourself out there in video or speaking and public presenting and a couple of them are tricky.
1. Being vulnerable – Many women, myself included have had a tousle with being vulnerable in front of others. We think of it as weak, or that people don’t want to hear our story or it not valid. In fact, it’s this very vulnerability that helps us to connect with our audience and makes you and your talk memorable. It doesn’t mean that you need to be baring your soul or bawling your eyes out at the front of a room. In the sharing of your experiences and self, you make a connection, You help people to see themselves in you or your experiences.
2. It’s so not about you. People come to hear you speak or want to know about your topic because of what value they can seek for themselves. It is not about you! The fact is that most people are consumed with the fear of looking silly. People are not there for you, they are there for what they can gain from your information.
3. It’s not about selling your services. This is so important. A number of conversations I have are with people who are scared to give away their IP, or share what they know, They feel that by doing so, people won’t come to their workshop. or take up their services. In contrast, the opposite is true. My recommendation would be to spend more time, searching within about the’lack’ and ‘fear’ that is present in your consciousness. This will be highly valuable, as the truth is, generosity, giving, contributing leads to expanse, and abundance, not the other way around. If you deliver a talk that is just promoting your services all of the time, wears people down, they disengage and feel sold too, and that doesn’t not encourage connection, longevity and business building.

Going back to my participants in last weeks course, To observe women standing in their power and not caring about appearing silly or stupid, was one of the most uplifting moments for me. I love being a witness to the connection being made internally as women step into their power. Does it make them perfect speakers or presenters? no. They are on their way though and each time they stand and pwn that space in the room, the more they expand.

I’m running this workshop again in September in Penrith at Launchpad, and I look forward to connecting more women with their voice, message and personal power
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