The One Hundred Love Challenge | WWA

A few weeks back, in our Inner West Network, one of our members Liza shared that her coach had asked her to write 100 hundred qualities that you love and appreciate about yourself. There was a little bit of ripple in the room as Liza shared, The ripple had two strands. One was in awe, an appreciation for what a powerful exercise that is for self, confidence building and life affirming. The other strand was the feeling of how hard that would be, or I don’t know if I could do that?

Liza shared that she had stalled at fifty and had needed to push through to reach the one hundred. The ripple expanded, and some of the air left the room, as that second strand of doubt was suddenly increased with some of us at the table. With that in mind, I pledged to do this task.

It has taken three weeks to make a start. It would be easy to say that I procrastinated, but that isn’t the right word. The truth is that I did everything possible to avoid doing this task. Even though it was pulling me to complete it, I made everything else more important.
When I set aside time to begin yesterday, I found myself washing the dishes, cleaning the house. I even clipped my toenails rather than start this task. Why can’t this task be about what I appreciate about other people? I can do that easily!

When I did finally start, I got my notepad out, and I wrote 100 numbers. Then off I went. I stalled at six.

I’m laughing now, but it was much harder than I had already imagined it to be. The point is that I pushed through it. I’m currently at sixty-one, and I promise to finish it by the end of the day. Liza was right when you push through; it gets better. I started to lean into it, and I found more things to love and to acknowledge, it felt warm and delicious, and I feel like I’m beaming out into the world right at this moment.

Now it’s your turn. Will you accept my challenge? Simply write 100 qualities you love and appreciate about yourself. You don’t have to share them if you don’t want to.
One hundred wonderful things about you and you only.
You are unique. There is only one of you in this world – there you go I started you off.
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Love and hugs Andy xxx