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Women on Top – Weekly Podcast presented by Women with Altitude is recorded live to air each week at Radio Blue Mountains (89.1) Join us for a little inspiration, a little cheekiness, complete honesty and a little bit quirky – We are entrepreneurs, small business owners, creatives, mums, WOMEN. Doing our best to create a fulfilling life.  Our show each week will be a chat fest on everything and anything, from relationships to raising kids, from politics to mental health. There will be no topic off limits… Join in the fun, connect and know your not alone –  download our podcast below.


Women on Top – Week 9

We are talking with Evelyn Szumski of Leading Training Solutions.

My guest co-host is Kirsten Barnett-Brown of Kidsize Living.

Were also discussing competition, and how we connect and balance our competitive society and nature with the notion of abundance, kindness and compassion and inclusion.


Women on Top – Week 8

On this weeks show we meet Dr Isabel Arnaiz, a expert in science and physiology, who works with students in her new business Paths to One. In the guest hosting role is Sam Crisford-Eade from Her Inner Coach

We are talking screen time addiction and the recommendations for kids, crying at work or in front of colleagues and why we need to change our attitudes to crying.

Here’s some links to what we discussed today:



The link below has great recommendations from the Department of Health.


Below is the Facebook page for the book that I am in the process of writing that has useful steps to take to optimize student learning.


Women on Top – Week 7

Today on WOT we meet Rebecca Jarrett-Dalton of Two Red Shoes Mortgage Brokers and Becs small business story.

For more information www.tworedshoes.com.au

Women on Top – Week 5

Women on Top – Week 4

This week, my guest host is Kirsten Barnett-Brown from Kidsize Living and Karen Lister from UMI Real Estate. This week were talking All About Women, International Women’s Day, gender balance on our screen and braking down an address given at the Opera House by the legendary Geena Davis.

Links for todays podcast:







Women on Top – Week 3

Talking relationships with Melissa Ferrari. Melissa is now the host of Talking Lifestyle Relationships ( formerly 2UE) and we are chatting relationships, what its like on a new show and how valuable it can be nurturing business relationships.




Women on Top – Week 2

Andrea is joined by Samantha Crisford-Eade from Her Inner Coach. They explore Sam’s recent article “Reasons you need to stop apologising – right now” and discuss how powerful apologies can be and why its important we do not say I’m sorry for things that we are not responsible for. Sam and Andrea also discuss the inspiring International Women’s Day events that are happening around the region and country.

Sam’s full article can be found at http://www.herinnercoach.com.au/coaching-resources along with a list of her services to promote female leadership.



Women on Top – Week 1 

Welcome back to 2017 for Women on Top radio program, broadcast on 89.1 Blu FM.

This week we start the year with a great chat on body image and the mind body connection with Bek Drummond, from Origin Fitness and Barbara Callan, Intuitive consultant.

We talk Trumpness and perhaps the gift of this disruptor. It certainly got me thinking!

Some links we were discussing today:



Ads on body image – what do you think?

#OwnIt – Special K

Always #LikeAGirl


Women on Top – Week 45

Our last podcast for 2016 ! – What a year its been!

This week, my guest hosts, Melissa Ferrari and Amanda O’Bryan are in the studio for a little party, We will talk about the years lessons, hits, misses and debrief 2016 Plus Melissa’s  guide for not getting divorced during the Christmas silly season





Links for this week are:






week-44Women on Top – Week 44

This week, my guest host is Kirsten Barnett-Brown from Kidsize Living. We chat with Robyn Atkins about creating wealth through property and we meet perfumer Julie Nelson from Aromatique Essentials and chat about botanical perfumes and finding your signature scent.

We’ve got some ideas on how you can develop your Christmas spirit by giving to projects run by local communities, and Kirsten talks about her new business venture with her hubby, Urban Caves

Links from todays podcast:






Women on Top – Week 43


wotWomen on Top – Week 42

On todays show we welcome Maria Silverstri from Heavenly Curves

My co host is Susan Williams from Zest Nutrition, what turned Susans head is the video of Robert DeNiro getting very mad at Donald Trump!


We are talking BOOBS today with Maria from Heavenly Curves – Pinktober – Breast health, breast cancer, prosthetics and the best way to look after our breasts – were all feeling our boobs in the studio !

Also the Nepean Hospital is introducing a new obesity clinic that will take a non diet appraoch, client centred care – Yah




week-41Women on Top – Week 41

This week we have a full house with co host Kelly-Ann Cummings from Work Life Balance. Our special guests are Anne Palmer of Rams Home Loans, previously the co-owner of the original Mash Café in Glenbrook, and Liz Allen, of Express Life Coaching. Were talking stories from Anne on how she got started in business, addictions, writing your life stories, purpose and your special gifts.




podcast-week-40Women on Top – Week 40

In the studio, this week I’m flying solo in the hosting seat but am ably assisted by our 2 special guests, Fiona Kane from Informed Health & Vanessa Balfour from Greystanes Disability Services. Were talking Emoji’s – do you realise what you’re sending to other peoples phones? And on a more serious note were talking That Sugar Film with Fiona and how to break the addiction to sugar.

Were finding about Greystanes Disability Services, the history and how they are helping people in our community. Join us for a vibrant, informative and fun discussion.

Links from:





week-39Women on Top – Week 39

This week we share the studio with a iittle more testosterone than usual we welcome Music producer Bushwackers legend and all round good guy Roger Corbett to the discussion. My co-host is The Queen Bee herself Ananda O’Bryan and we meet Cecily Michaels who us sharing the new venture of how Tri community has become Leep. 

We’re talking Liz Gilbert’s news and of course Problogger and what we learnt.

Links below:






week 38Women on Top – Week 38

Were having a power session on the mind and brain today with my guest host Susan Williams of Zest Nutrition, Elaine Harding from Thrivability Consulting and Linda Campbell of Mind Mastery. Were talking memories, unconscious bias and Jill Bolte Taylors Stroke of Insight, and the Embrace Body documentary by Taryn Brumfit


Links for reference today:





week37Women on Top – Week 37

What a smashing show this week! –  This week my guest host is Melissa Ferrari, Melissa is chatting about how relationships affect our health and our immunity. We will be joined by Sallyanne Pisk, author of Eating for You talking about her new book on mindfulness with our food. Denise Daynes from heading Home, Ending Homeless Here – A project for ending Homelessness in the Blue Mountains and Nepean regions.

Links from todays podcast:








Week 36Women on Top – Week 36

This week, The Creative Queen Bee herself, Amanda O’Bryan joins me to play in the studio! We hear the incredible story of Lisa Frances Judd, her fight for the life of her son,  how she survived the Winmalee firestorm and what has emerged since, QuirkyHappy.com

Also joining us is Jody Reeves of Fabulous and beyond. Jody is going to share how we can relax ourselves to an imaginary beach in 2-5 minutes to centre and balance ourselves for renewed focus and relaxation.



Week-35Women on Top – Week 35

This week were chatting with Angela Maguire from The Gap Consultancy, and our  guest host is Susan Williams of Zest Nutrition.

Were chatting on Olympics Sexism, Brand audits and why we should have them if we have a small business and were talking the body image movement with the release of indie documentary ‘Embrace’


Links for today:





week 34Women on Top – Week 34

This week were playing in the studio with Melissa Ferrari, fresh from her appearance on The Today Show.

This week we chat with Katherine Hawes from Digital Age Lawyers, Katherine is an expert in small business and communicates the law for small business in a way that’s free of jargon and easy to follow. Did you know that the average couple have 135 arguments a year, we chat with Melissa about  how to make love not war.


week 33Women on Top – Week 33

Today our guests are a generation apart. Elizabeth French, of Kumon Education Centres & The Natural Health Society whose has been in business for 28 years, and Alana Lewis of Candalanas Massage. Alana has been in business for only a year and sells candles and delivers luxurious massage with her healing hands. We will be chatting about the contrast within their businesses, pain points and challenges

For more information on our 2 guests:

Natural Health Society


Candalanas Massage





Week 32Women on Top – Week 32

Joining us for a great discussion this week is guest host Susan Williams of Zest Nutrition, and our guests in the studio are artist and Shamanic healer Trudie Moore and Fractologist Catherine Wilkins.
We will be chatting about some interesting topics this week. The recent ABC 4 corners and the abuse of children, what is a shaman. The effects of stress in our bodies. Talking about the fractal patent, and how it works and support us in everyday life.


week30Women on Top – Week 31

This week our guest on the show is pharmacist, nutritionist, author and educator Jan Roberts, and my guest host is relationship expert Melissa Ferrari.

About the Clarion Project:

Founded in 2006, Clarion Project (formerly Clarion Fund Inc) is an independently funded, non-profit organization dedicated to exposing the dangers of Islamist extremism while providing a platform for the voices of moderation and promoting grassroots activism.

Link to “By the Numbers” video


Link to “By the Numbers” Bibliography


Link to how they got the numbers


Sonya Kruger on the Today Show when she spoke out to have a discussion about Terrorism and radical Islam.


‪#Nice ‪#fear ‪#theunconscious ‪#SoniaKruger ‪#WaleedAly‪#groupthinking ‪#thecollective ‪#kindness ‪#love ‪#ProcessingEmotion‪#worldviews ‪#calm

week-30Women on Top – Week 30

On this week’s show our guest host is Amanda O’Bryan from Creative Queen Bees and our guest in the studio is Julie Bargenquast from The Regional Chamber, and what a discussion were having this week! We’re talking the culture of bloke behaviour, domestic violence, the incident with Steve Price on QandA, Donald Trump and the possibility of being the president, Pink Business.


week 29Women on Top – Week 29

This week on Women On Top:

Our guest host is Sally Haythornthwaite today and were talking the debacle that was the election, were talking sugar addiction with Fiona Kane from Informed Health, were talking stigmas of stay at home parents or women shouldering so much of the household responsibility and if course we have to mention OUTLANDER LOL

Links for today:




week-28Women on Top – Week 28

This week on the show we have Susan Williams from Zest Nutrition co-hosting and our special guest is Jo Bromilow from Champ Enterprises. We are talking getting support for business, parenting shame, and secret pleasures – Fiona Kane Outlander style LOL





week27Women on Top – Week 27

Wow we are exploring the depths of our humanness on today’s podcast with Dr Elaine Harding from Thrivability Consulting stepping in as my guest host, and joining us is Linda Campbell from Mind Mastery, a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner

We are talking about Project fuel and the guesthouse in Varesni, India where people check in to die and the top 12 life lessons the guesthouse owner has learnt.

How society is fear driven, and how our lifestyle has changed how we process emotion and conflict

We are talking mindfulness and meditation and why it’s so important.





Week 26Women on Top – Week 26

This week our guest on the show is Jen Brown from Sparta Chicks and my guest host is Melissa Ferrari, we’re talking about the stories we tell ourselves and how it holds us back, we’re talking dating shows – god help us!…. And were talking how we get triggered in relationships , what it means and how to recover.






* Unless you’re Oprah, “be yourself” is terrible advice – Adam Grant’s initial piece on authenticity


* Brené’s response


week-25Women on Top – Week 25

Today’s show we are talking health with guest host Susan Williams from Zest Nutrition and our special guest is raw food coach Vicki Cook from Inspired Change. We’re talking raw food and raw dessert, and authorexia and viral invention videos, all brand promotion and no substance or products

Links for today:



Vicki’s Instant cream cheese recipe:

Soak casherws overnight 1 cup

1-2 tabl lemon juice ( to taste)

Pinch of Celtic sea salt

Tbsp. Light Miso

Blend with choice of herbs till smooth


wotttWomen on Top – Week 24

Today were talking to Lisa about her studies of women and community, her new venture Life Learning Co and the 6 values of business.

We’re talking about Dr.Michael Kimmel the most prominent male feminist in the world and were discussing why Australian men are not taking up paternity leave

Links for today:






Week 23 (2)Women on Top – Week 23

This week we are talking about the way babys brains develop in early childhood, relationships and online dating tips and how to avoid disasters with Melissa Ferrari.  We meet Halyna Denysenko from Synergy Shiatsu Natural Therapies and we demystify the different types of massage and body work.



Links relating to today’s show.



Week 22Women on Top – Week 22

This week, fresh after our brief meeting with the PM we are talking about women and super, why 29% of women over 65 are on the poverty line and what needs to change for all us heading that direction with our super.

We’re talking Biotechnology in healing with Guest Maria Hopwood and Its Tourette’s Syndrome awareness – I will share a snippet of my journey with my son Chris who was diagnosed with Tourettes when he was 10.





Week 21Women on Top – Week 21

This week we are talking Tourettes, Charismatic leaders – Domestic Violence, out the other side.  Our special guest is Angela Corkeron from Dance for Life who will be sharing some of her story on running her school of dance and performance and how she started a successful business from the place of great adversity


Links from todays show:




Week 20Women on Top – Week 20

This week we chat with Trish Fehon on cyber safety with regards to the cloud, and the future of websites. Our guest host is relationship expert Melissa Ferrari and we’re talking  about relationships and some thoughts on how to keep the connection and love alive.



Here’s a few links to some sites discussed.





week 19Women on Top – Week 19

This week Sally joins Andrea as guest host and together they chat with Helen Sweeney from Diva Transformations on how a life changing brain injury changed her path and how the new course she set for herself turned into something else entirely.


Week 18

Women on Top – Week 18

On this weeks show we have author, mother, farmer, herbalist, entrepreneur, Kirsten Hartley and we welcome Sally Haythornthwaite back as its school holidays, Were talking sustainability, Clive Palmer and the merry dance people of his ilk take people on, Were talking the science of communications between plants and we talk about domestic violence and the importance of stories of survival and hope.



week-17Women on Top – Week 17

This week our special guest is leadership expert, Elaine Harding from Thrivability Consulting. Were talking masculine and feminine leadership and power and healthy body image with Susan Williams

‘In the Loop’ – Weight, Health, and Body Image. Helping your child without harming.




FullSizeRender-4 Women on Top – Week 16

Join us this week with guest host, life coach Kelly-Anne Cummings. We will be talking the 3 main triggers that drive our behaviours and responses. Our special guest this weekend is Robyn Atkins. Robyn will share her scepticism for investing property and how she has changed her perspective as she builds wealth for her retirement.
The Property Club Expo we mentioned is being held 1pm-4pm Rooty Hill RSL Sunday 17th April, $10pp
To contact Robyn for more information


Week 15Women on Top – Week 15

On this weeks podcast were joined by guest host Amanda O’Bryan from Creative Queen Bees and guest Sandy Golder from the Best Me I can be.

Were talking about why women put themselves last, the wheel of life, the creativity muscle we ALL have The innovation Boom and how we can get more in touch with our creativity.

Links for this week:



#ideasboom #womenwithaltitude #womenontop


FullSizeRender-4Women on Top – Week 14

Hosting this week is Andrea Turner Boys and co-host Melissa Ferrari joins her In this weeks Women On Top No.14 program we speak with Jody Reeves from Fabulous and Beyond who is an Inspiration and Accountability Coach who works with mature women who experience different challenges to those they faced when we were younger and are looking for some guidance. Today she talks about her own personal journey in her 50’s to living a life where she is now happy. She has a great story!  Also, Melissa talks today about Launchings and Landings in relationships and the significance of how the different times of the day when we part and reunite are crucial to acknowledge. Doing them correctly can lead smoother sailing in your couple relationship, your family and your children. Today she discusses some key concepts from the book Wired For Love by Dr. Stan Tatkin. 

#easewithkids #smootherrelationships #happyschoolrun #fabulousandbeyond #coupletherapist #donaldtrump #personalgrowth #happychildren #anxietyversuscalm #drstantatkin #wiredforlove #feminism #languageandfeminism #womenontop #womenwithaltitude  

Websites for further information:

Couple Therapist Sydney –  www.melissaferrari.com.au

Dr. Stan Tatkin – http://stantatkin.com/

Jody Reeves: Fabulous and Beyond http://www.fabulousandbeyond.com.au/

Recommended reading:

Wired For Love: http://www.amazon.com/Wired-Love-Understanding-Attachment-Relationship/dp/1608820580

Your Brain On Love: http://www.amazon.com/Your-Brain-Love-Neurobiology-Relationships/dp/B00DNFJG7C

Donald Trump Video discussed on the show todayhttp://www.ifyouonlynews.com/politics/watch-rachel-maddow-may-have-just-cost-trump-the-election-with-this-brilliant-report-video/

Not A Feminist – Q And A Episode discussed in the show today: http://www.abc.net.au/tv/qanda/txt/s4405538.htm

IMG_5914Women on Top – Week 13

This week we have the lovely Susan Williams and Fiona Donnelly from Telopea Services .




wotWomen on Top – Week 12

Today were joined by new guest Kelly-Anne Cummings from work Life Balance.

We talked about the battle of the voices that drive us and affect our behaviour.

We talked about getting the Wobblies and when self-doubt creeps in

We chatted being a great listener, surrounding yourself with people who energise you.

Being a person in ‘hot demand’ rather than busy.

#worklifebalance #greatlistening #womenontop #womenwithaltitude


Feb_24_podcast11Women on Top – Week 11

This week’s podcast we have Rebecca Jarrett-Dalton from Two Red Shoes joining guest host, Amanda O’Bryan  from Creative Queen Bees, OMG were talking when you lose control of your brands – like the recent Bondi sands debacle. Plus we’re talking finance for dream homes and a great tool.

Never use a roller when tanning, check this out!


#womenontop, #womenwithaltitude,  #radiobm, #creativequeenbees, #dailyactsofcreativity

#tworedshoes #noplacelikeyourhome

ATB_MF_StanWomen on Top – Week 10

Co-hosting this week is Andrea Turner Boys and Melissa Ferrari – In this week’s Women On Top program we speak with Barbara Callan who is an Intuitive Consultant living in the Blue Mountains. Today she talks about her ability to tune into other people’s energy fields. Also, we speak with Dr. Stan Tatkin author of Wired For Love, Wired For Dating, Love & War In Intimate Relationships and Your Brain On Love. He is also the creator of the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy and in today’s show he speaks in an interview so generously about love/relationships, couple therapy, intimacy, dating, parenting, attachment in children and how to manage ourselves in love and close relationships.
Websites for further information:
The Pact Institute – http://thepactinstitute.com/
Couple Therapist Sydney –  www.melissaferrari.com.au
Dr. Stan Tatkin – http://stantatkin.com/
Any questions relating to Dr. Tatkin’s interview please email Melissa Ferrari – melissa.ferrari@outlook.com
Recommended reading:

Women on Top_Podcast GraphicWomen on Top – Week 9

This week our guest host is Susan Williams from Zest Nutrition and our special guest is Dr Catherine Wilkins Chiropractor, Veternarian, painter and writer. Catherine developed Fractology, working with energy and patterns to bring healing and self awareness to people all around the world. We have an interesting talk about sleep and with our busy lives how we are often running on ‘adrenal energy’ and we talk on how to get into a more beneficial sleep state.





week8Women on Top – Week 8

This week Melissa Ferrari is our guest host. Were talking relationships and Valentines Day, Children – less screen time more FaceTime and we talked about builling and harassment in the workplace with special guest Maralyn Kastel from The Details Devils.

And lastly we talked about screen time and navigating the growing desire kids have to be on their devices.

Andrea also shared a tool on what she is using in her home right now.

#gettingthesparkback #relationships #workhealthandsafety #valentinesday #childrensbrainsinrelationships #drstantatkin #mediaandkids #screentimeforchildren


wot7Women on Top – Week 7

Joining Andrea this week is Anne-Maree Kerr and Amanda O’Bryan.

Donna Moritz – Socially Sorted – guidelines and resources for creating visuals for social media
Mari Smith – Mari Smith – facebook guru


Studio – fabulous mobile resource for designing graphics for blogs and social
Canva – online and mobile resource that can include your brand when you sign up to canva for work
Videohance – make your videos beautiful.

Women on Top – Show Number #6 – Welcome back to 2016
week6Welcome to 2016 and the Women on Top Radio program, the first of the year. This week’s special guest host is Sally Haythornthwaite and our special guest in the studio was Deborah Shepherd of Embrace Life Live Life.




Women on Top – Week 5
Joining Andrea this week are Sally Haythornthwaite and Melissa Ferrari for our final podcast for 2015. Will your relationship survive Christmas? We examine the stress couples face at Christmas time with Melissa Ferrari. We talk episode 2 of Sarah Ferguson’s hitting home documentary on domestic violence, we chat about Christmas, Climate Change and we learn about an early pioneering woman, the life of Charlotte Barton.


week4-copyWomen on Top – Week 4

was recorded last Wednesday, 25th November 2015 with guest host Susan Williams of Zest Nutrition, and special guest Lisa Stallard of Inspired Counselling, Life Coaching and Consulting.



Women on Top – Week 3
was recorded last Wednesday, 18th November 2015 with guest host Melissa Ferrari and special guest Fiona Kane.




Women on Top – Week 2
was recorded on 11th November 2015. Our guest host this weeks was Amanda O’Bryan of Creative Queen Bees and our special guest was author Jan Roberts.

Click below to listen:



Women on Top – Week 1: Guest Hosts this week: Susan Williams, Zest Nutrition, Melissa Ferrari Psychotherapist, Sally Haythornthwaite