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Welcome to Women with Altitude

We are an eclectic community of women who are passionate about creating a fulfilling life. We are women in business, we are women in leadership, we are women who are creative, we are mums finding new ways to thrive.
We are women who serve our communities.
At Women with Altitude, we believe that there is enough for everyone. We cultivate an inclusive and abundant environment. We support one another.
We want women to be kind to each other and trust in the power of connection and collaboration.


Networking With Purpose


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Hands on workshops. Webinars & discussion groups


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Connect With A Tribe Of Like-Minded Purposeful Women

In business, there is so much to learn. These days we have access to information 24/7 online. How much do we implement? Our focus is to provide learning opportunities and also help and support you, whilst putting new learnings into practice. Rather than just taking notes, we provide environments for you to test ideas live in the actual workshop environment with your colleagues. Click here for upcoming workshops.

Altitude Networking Groups are regular sessions for networking, creating a connection, learning and exchanging ideas for support and collaboration. AN Groups are run by Ambassadors of Women with Altitude and are filled with warmth, fun and acceptance, the hallmark of our culture as an organisation. Click here for an Altitude Network near you

Each week we feature members on our radio show, Women on Top,  live to air on community radio Blue FM 89.1. We then edit and send it out as a podcast. We chat across a huge range of topics affecting, women, share stories and nothing is off limits to discuss. The Altitude Business Podcast is also available for ideas and suggestions to support small business and help for our community. Click here or WOT podcast or ABP podcast

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Social Media and Business – The Maze

You know this vast mazes they have in the UK that you can get lost in? I feel like that’s where we are at with social media. In fact last week, the gorgeous Anne-Maree Kerr said something essential at our Penrith Women with Altitude Event, that I thought would be good...
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I’m So Crap at Discipline, Are you?

Today's blog is dedicated to my friend and fellow Scorpion Sally. We circle back around to this topic so much and that is -  being distracted by what needs to get done. Sal is a high school teacher and as you well know they work hard in preparation for classes, exams...
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