Seize Your Opportunity… TODAY

This year I feel like I'm going through a metamorphosis. Years of detrimental self-talk or immobilising fear or anxiety has been under the spotlight for some time, and I feel like I'm finally shedding those Read More

Understand the power of stepping out of your business

I'm too busy, or I'm needed in the office is commonly heard when chatting with people who are in small business. The context of the conversation is usually around challenges on business growth, taking the Read More

Behind the scenes of your business

Happy Monday! It is wonderful to be back home after a week travelling in NZ for the festival of Molly ( My daughters 13th birthday). I must be truthful and share that it wasn't restful Read More

Lets talk about acceptance – no more light dimming

This week's Mindset, I was inspired by some incredible conversations last week. The first one is Sandy Golder and her incredibly honest post, Sandy recently shared on Facebook. Sandy realised that she was dimming her Read More

Reflections on International Women’s Day

A fabulous gathering of intelligent, creative, successful and switched-on women gathered for a breakfast and panel discussion on IWD 2017, with the theme to be explored? #BeBoldForChange. There was provocative discussion of the female attributes Read More

What is your point?

I had a good old chinwag with my bestie on Saturday as we hadn't seen each other for a couple of weeks and much had happened. We talked about IWD and the different events that Read More

Learning from Thelma – All About Women

Forgive me for a moment while I gush. Yesterday ( Sunday 5th March) I had the good fortune to be asked to host the Satellite Stream, beamed live from the Sydney Opera House to the Read More

Why do we celebrate International Womens Day?

On the 8th of March, It's International Women's Day. Why do we celebrate International Women's Day? I thought it was important to share the chronology of this day. The United Nations summarises the history: 1909 Read More

Results not typical

Here's my brain workout for today. You've seen this saying right? 'Results no typical' 'Results may vary from person to person'?Weight loss companies are required to have this underpinned in all of their advertising claims Read More

Open yourself up to collaboration

One of the spaces that I play regularly as the leader of our wonderful community is the collaboration space. My mantra is that together we can achieve more. That the terms 'partnering' and 'sponsorship' and Read More

Are you coping with keeping up social media

This morning there is a newspaper article about how singer Ed Sheeran is considering giving up social media altogether. He describes how he decided to give it a rest late last year and is enjoying Read More

Whats your theme for 2017?

At last weeks kick off party, I shared our over-arching theme for 2017. You may have noticed the pic :) Why have a theme? Well, clearly you don't have to. I like a theme because Read More

Everyone All In – Fighting for rights for women

I'm compelled this morning to talk about the amazing turn out of people to the march on Washington on the weekend. I know its the USA and its not Australia, however the issues raised affect Read More

A time to celebrate or recoil?

Happy January everyone! We're busy at WWA headquarters and were working in our thongs, a practice I picked from Peita Davies for summertime working. How are you all going? I hope you're sufficiently cooled in Read More

The Spirit of Christmas

Good evening everyone, a late Monday Mindset tonight. I had originally planned to send a message to everyone today to wish you a Happy Christmas. I was going to talk about how Christmas is such Read More

Madonna Speaks out on Misogyny, Bullying & Abuse

"I stand before you as a doormat. Oh, I mean, as a female entertainer, Thank you for acknowledging my ability to continue my career for 34 years in the face of blatant sexism and misogyny Read More

Contrast and what it can teach you

Contrast, and what it can teach me I have found, is a key player in this game of business and self-discovery. This week I experienced these two extremes on the same day. Contrast is like Read More

Review Your 2016 Year – 30 Questions

Your Year in Review from Andrea Turner-Boys on Vimeo. Here are some questions to ponder. We will work them throughout social media over the next 30 days: 1. What is one single achievement you are Read More

Are your work habits producing results?

Are your work habits producing results? Total transparency here. What I talk about in our community is always what I most need to learn myself. I'm the first to admit that I'm not the most Read More

What do you really want?

Beyond the pause what do you want? Last week I talked about giving yourself permission. To pause and assess and allow yourself to do that. In doing so, I discovered that I'm a conceptual visualiser Read More

Whats with the second guess?

The second guess... why do we do that?   Read More

Pause and give yourself permission

I think when we feel overwhelmed in our businesses or by a situation (which happens to me often,) there tends to be a 'pile on' that somehow the more overloaded we are, the more stuff Read More

Award Winning Women with Altitude Members

I'm very proud of members of our Women with Altitude community today as they took out awards at the Blue Mountains Regional Chamber Business awards on Friday Night. It's not easy to make an award Read More

When you put yourself out there

When you put yourself out there, how do you feel? I chat with women who describe a sense of foreboding when they take that symbolic leap off the cliff ledge to put themselves out there, either Read More

A lesson from the Farmers Market

It’s Sunday, and I'm off to the farmers market, As per usual at the beginning of Spring the weather cannot decide if it's warm or chilly. My girlfriend also just text me this, and I Read More

A Tale of Two Conferences

Hello everyone, Lets start Monday morning with some joy shall we? Its so lovely to be back home after 2 weeks of back to back conferences. I must tell you that I was a space Read More

Body Weight Remains A Top Concern For Women

  This years women’s health survey identified that women’s greatest health concern was body weight. The 3035 women who participated in the Jean Haile’s survey put a request for more information about healthy eating and Read More

Is Monday Meltdown Day?

I wanted to start this week with spring inspired cheery hello. A nod to beautiful blooms and warmth on our skin. The truth is I had a mini meltdown this morning while scrubbing a dish Read More

How long will it take for my business to thrive

After 16 years in business I cant tell you how many learning logs I have completed and I'm still making mistakes and learning in my small business. I have often asked myself how long will it Read More

Olympics highlights subtle sexism

Notice that the more we talk about sexism and gender inequality in public forums, the more we are starting to see the 'outing' of the subtle sexism that pops up constantly in our society and this week Read More

Emerging Strength & Courage

Its Sunday evening and I'm feeling incredibly inspired and moved by the emerging strength I have the privilege to witness within our community. Women becoming more focussed, and more daring. Pushing with all of their Read More

Just Keep Swimming……

Happy Monday everyone, Today Im talking about not giving up ........hahahah Im laughing because I have done 7 takes of my 2 minute video, I finally was happy with take 8 and it didnt record Read More


If you’re working on improving or refining your management skills … that’s great news! It’s the great managers that make inspired leaders of great companies. So what’s next? Jim Collins, author of Good to Great Read More

Your Personal, Ongoing Commitment…

Last Monday Mindset I wrote, “it’s not about how many people read the book or embrace the program. It’s about your personal, ongoing commitment to the work that you know in every bone of your Read More

World Obsessed by Physical Appearance

Aging gracefully is something that increasingly difficult in a world obsessed by physical appearance. So how do we integrate this inevitable process with grace and style? In many cultures age comes with wisdom and so Read More

How do you teach your children to fill their cup?

  One of the many responsibilities of parenthood is to teach your children how to fill their own cups, how to nourish and nurture themselves. Life can be rough and tough and lonely at times Read More

Checking in with your accountant at tax time? Check in with your broker too.

It’s that time of year when we’re getting ready for tax time and as self-employed people are often terrified by an impending tax bill & the accountants are scrabbling for last-minute deductions. Well this is Read More

Good to Great

I promised to share more of Good to Great … so hear my story out. I dined with a girlfriend last night. I’ve known Jane since she was born: as a teenager she minded my Read More

Ageing Gracefully

10 things my mother should have told me about getting older! In a society, where we are bombarded with copious amounts of information on 'how to stay young', there is little on how to age Read More

No such thing as an overnight success story.

Where to begin my contribution to Monday Mindset? Well since we’re all in business of one sort or another, decided on some messages to support and inspire those business endeavours! It’s sometimes easy to look Read More

Have you heard of Wabi-Sabi?

Have you heard of Wabi-Sabi? In this world of increasing complexity, the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, could be seen as a breath of fresh air. Wabi-Sabi is an ancient Japanese philosophy, coming from Zen. It Read More

How to ‘Take Time to Make Time’

‘Take time to make time’ say the words of Little River Band in their song ‘Lady’. And how true that is! The life that we live in this time space reality is so filled with Read More

Diary of an Altitude Ball

Good morning everyone, I have to be honest, Im coming to you this morning from you guessed it BED...Im having a couple of days rest and I thought it would be good to have a debrief Read More

Muscle Up Creativity

If I ask you this question, “Do you think you are creative“? How do you answer? Do you immediately think, “I am not creative, I can’t draw, I have no special artistic talent”? Every time Read More

Are You Ready for the Disruptors?

I love the business disruptors who are shaking up technology and the way we interact with it. I don't resist it, I thirst for knowledge. The trick I need to master is wrapping my brain around Read More

Rocket Up Our Ass For Change

Now this wont be a post that is SEO correct nor will it be a reference in business circles, I guess that headlining with a rocket up our ass for change may sound crass, but I don't care Read More

You’ve Been Hacked – Lessons to Learn

Yesterday we had our info@womenwithaltitude email account hacked. I would love to blame the full moon, and maybe that had something to do with the A**hole who decided to hack gmail yesterday, but I have Read More

Small Business vs Big Business

Today I'm thankful that I'm in small business. Whilst it can be over- whelming and all consuming, at least we can be nimble, personable and above all flexible with our products and services. We have Read More

Women, Girls and Vulnerability

This past week was a large celebration and I had the opportunity to connect with many women from differing seasons of life. I felt hugely grateful for the opportunity this community provides me to listen Read More

International Women’s Day 2016

Hello everyone - Geez, apart from IWD this week, I must say that the Blue Mountains broadband network is %$^&*(!!!!!!! I made this vid at 9am sigh - Lets hope that high speed internet will Read More

Benefits of Wholehearted Business Connection

This morning I feel a surge of gratitude and joy and I'm also marvelling at the power of what can be achieved with  wholehearted business connection and partnership. I think business is changing, in fact I know for Read More

Imperfect Mindset

Something raw this morning for MM - Enjoy your imperfect day LOL Read More

You have heard this before

You have heard this before

Some philosophers or  perhaps more accurately cynical journalists say that there are no new ideas any more on earth. and at first glance this feels true doesn't it? When in a seminar or listening to Read More

Sharing your story in business

Your story in business

One area that I think we miss sometimes is the importance of our story in our business. I recently met up with a colleague who I knew had an interesting story about how she got into Read More

Strategies for Setting Pricing (Part 2)

Last week we tackled the big topic of strategies for pricing. We talked about how we must stop undervaluing ourselves and our work. Another of my key points went a little against what the textbooks advise - In Read More

Strategies for Setting Your Pricing (Part 1)

Pricing. Its a huge topic and often's bamboozles us in business. There are many variables, different strategies for setting your pricing for different industries or products or services. For example if you're part of the Read More

Are we prepared to say goodbye?

We lost some amazing artists this week, Families lost a parent, grandparent. Someone somewhere lost a friend - People leave us every day. Are we prepared to say goodbye? My hubby loved David Bowie. He was Read More

Using Social Media for Good

Happy New year to all. Last night I decided to plug into social media and take a peak at the lay of the land. I had disconnected from SM over Christmas, so I could eyeball Read More

Lessons learnt from Oprah

Lessons Learnt from Oprah

Last week I had the privelege to be one of the thousands of women who attended an evening with Oprah. The atmosphere was full of grace, high energy and oodles of love for this iconic Read More

What do you WANT?

Good morning, What do you want? Short video messages this morning - Wherever you are is wonderful - enjoy your day, Andy xx Read More

The Importance of Listening

The importance of listening for women The ability to listen is such an important aspect of femininity. In personal relationships, the ability to actively listen to a partner, friend, child or relative can really deepen Read More

Dialling Down Your Drama

I have an 11-year-old, who is beginning puberty – Frequently, her rationale is going out the window. The smallest think at school can be blown out to a full drama complete with hysterics and tantrums Read More

More Focus on Love and Kindness Please

What you focus on you get more of. We know this to be true. Like every human being, I am saddened, and sickened by the senseless atrocities this weekend in Paris, not to mention the Read More

Customer Service “The Disney Way”

In October, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend a day at the Disney Institute learning all about customer service “The Disney Way”. If you have ever been lucky enough to have Read More

Going With The Flow Of Time

Today my little Annie turned 13. Born 920gms and 10 weeks early, Michael and I marveled all weekend about where that time went. Of course when we started thinking about it, soooo much has happened Read More

Loving yourself more deeply

Its very easy to say that we need to love ourselves. Wrap ourselves in a deep hug, be kinder to ourselves etc. I think sometimes people think that this means if you feel like a Read More

Critics and feedback on your work

I was in a debate the other day with a colleague regarding critics and feedback on your work. The person I was chatting to believes that critics are essential to provide brevity, markers for correction, and Read More

We must talk more on messy subjects

Mental health was the focus last week on the ABC and I applaud them for setting such a wonderful standard, airing brilliant content, starting conversations across all of their channels and talking more on messy Read More

Role models in business

This week I have been thinking about role models in business? For me, these are inspirational people who have achieved what they intended. Women who are successful, and have pushed through challenge and created the Read More

Using Criticism As Fuel

We see constantly and I mean CONSTANTLY the media publishing stories criticising people. It’s like a blood sport now with the rise of social media. Bindi Irwin, who one year encouraged young girls to wear less make Read More

Combining Altruism and Business

Altruism. noun the principle or practice of unselfish concern for or devotion to the welfare of others. I love this word, and the meaning of it in my life and business. I was introduced to altruism Read More

Expand our Gratitude

Last week was the anniversary of 9/11. There was a wonderful doco on SBS about the forensic process that the New York Medical examiners office undertook to attempt to identify victims and return remains to Read More

What Trappist Monks teach us in business

I'm always thinking about ethics, standards, contribution and community. For me it’s about how I can connect to my purpose in ways that I can give back as well as produce my livelihood. It’s a Read More

Commit THEN throw yourself IN

Last week I embarked on a new project around something I haven’t done before. I have been sitting on the fringe of this project for ages. I have dabbled in research, have asked people, have Read More

Finding Compassion in Dark Places

Last week I summarised some of the stand out things for me at the Pro Blogger conference. This week I want to examine one of those more closely. Heather Armstrong from Dooce had talked about Read More

Being inspired for change at Problogger 2015

Good morning everyone, Over the weekend I attended my first ever Problogger conference on the Gold Coast along with 700 soulful thinkers, doers and inspirers – I know I know they aren’t words but I Read More

Cyber Attack – Protecting Your Business from a ‘Digital Fire’

Hi Ladies, my name is Tina my business is called dreamtime Native arts and Crafts / Sporting and Corporate apparel. This week has been a major wake up call for us . My husband's computer Read More

Overthinking – 6 tips that may help

Hello my name is Andrea and I'm an over-thinker. I think it best to be honest especially if Im going to write on this topic. I usually chat about things that pop up during the week Read More

Dreams vs Goals

How do you know the difference between a dream and a goal, after all aren’t they the same thing? I used to think so. Now I believe that both are intertwined and equally important to Read More

Advice on Nice…

Back from a refreshing break where I re-connected with my hubby and kids, I have been reflecting today on the position of 'nice'  and how being 'nice' affects the behaviour and outcomes of others. I Read More

Women’s Sports Coverage – Just do it!

This morning as we lazed in bed in holiday mode  (spending a week up the coast) We cheered on the Matilda's as we searched to find coverage of the game. Our main channels, Nine and Read More

New members taking a giant leap!

This weeks Monday Mindset - ( is very late - but hey its still Monday :) ) is being devoted to introducing you to our new Altitude Networking Leaders/Hosts, along with the teams for Hawkesbury Read More

The push and pull of time management

The amount of time, energy and money I have invested over the years into time management skills should have turned me by now into an expert in managing my time, but alas I think the Read More

Be open to Inspiration

Happy long weekend!. This week I want to write about signs. Do you believe in them? I do. Its not sound science, and for me has no formal religious basis, but I do believe that Read More

Do you know your Unique Selling Proposition?

In some recent marketing workshops I have been running, I have noticed the tousle we small business owners have with communicating our USP, our unique selling proposition, also known as our value proposition. Lets explore Read More

Selling yourself short?

Selling yourself short? Undervaluing your assets? Not embracing your worth? Common themes amongst women aren't they?  Here's a radical thought. Perhaps it's time to stop? Perhaps it's time to review, reflect and embrace some of Read More

Do you have Business Apathy?

My fast 5 tips for tackling Business Apathy: 1. Get in touch with your passion and heart: Why did you start this business or take on this role? If its not energising you, perhaps re-evaluate Read More

Creating a great company culture

Your business is developing, or perhaps you're a start up and don't have staff yet. What kind of culture and environment are you going to create when you do take on team members? There is Read More

Women are getting braver & bolder

I've noticed lately that more and more women in the spotlight are speaking their truth out loud. Asking questions and challenging the unspoken status quo's more than ever before. Sheryl Sandberg COO of Facebook and Read More

Social Media – Judge & Jury

You may have seen this week, the story and video that went viral on ESPN reporter, Britt McHenry, being rude to a towing company employee. Now debate is raging about how social media is becoming Read More

Be Kind, Have Courage

I took Molly to see the new Cinderella movie today. I left my feministic goggles behind promising to view this version with a fresh perspective. ( When my girls were little I used to read Read More

Honouring India’s Daughter – Jyoti Singh

Each week when I think about what I might talk about in next week's Monday Mindset, I will often randomly open up a page in a book or have a conversation, or life happens that Read More

Monday Mindset – Reset the task timer!

When I was building the Complete Basketcase in the early years, I had a business partner alongside me, sharing the load, splitting all of the tasks. I recall a conversation from a competitor business whom we Read More

Developing your Entrepreneurial Skill

It's a rare thing when someone is 'gifted' with knowledge or understanding on how to do something. We have all witnessed the 5-year-old artist, the musical prodigy, or gifted 'leaders'  Let's peel back the layer Read More

This IWD – What gender parity might look like

As we celebrate the 107th International Women's Day, I have been wondering about what equality might look like in the future for women.  Women are making huge strides as money-earners, leaders and innovators and yet there Read More

Let us stop comparing

During the week, one of our members shared a book she was reading on comparing ourselves to others, and how de-motivating and draining it can be to your spirit.  I totally agree. I think we Read More

Sooo much opportunity for business to flourish!

The video is back this week - although not well lit (don't look Helen) This week, there is simply so many opportunities and neat things to participate in or take advantage of, we had to Read More

Finding time in your day for ?

The clock is ticking, always ticking...  I have been watching the  clock all day as it counts down the hours while I cram to complete  all of the tasks I set myself for today - Read More

Would you take the bait with Shark Tank Australia?

So the first episode of Shark Tank Australia aired last night and I am wondering what you all thought? For me watching there were a few things that popped out: On the positive, what a Read More

First Month Down – Whats your Measuring Stick?

Ola! Happy February everyone So first month down. Are you reviewing your results for January? or is January a right-off month due to summer holidays? I feel like it went so fast that I can Read More

Take the Pressure Down a Notch

How do you balance undue, stressful pressure on yourself with self-motivating goal driven pressure? This is my first video blog of 2015 and forms Monday Mindset for this week where we celebrated Australia Day. Would Read More

Be the boss of your own mortgage

As business women we know how to watch our numbers – we know cashflow is king (or queen) and we know there are two ways to increase our profitability – • Increase revenue (my favourite) Read More

What we learnt – York Jewellers

York Jewellers are our major sponsor for the 2014 WWA Altitude Awards. As well as being diamond specialists, they also choose their diamonds and gems, finish the stones, create designs and remodel family heirlooms. They Read More

Monday Mindset – Taking off my armour

In an nod to Tracey Spicer, a wonderful Australian journalist who struck a chord with women around the world when she delivered a TedX talk about taking off armour. The armour in question? The daily routine Read More

Reflections on being a mum in business

In this blog I want to talk a little about BMS - Bad Mother Syndrome. It’s a term  I have used for about 9 years now and while you may not find it in a Read More

Sharing our vulnerability in times of loss

Touched by the loss of Robin Williams By Guest Blogger, Member Melissa Ferrari - Psychotherapist. I often feel so moved by how people seem to join together and become connected when hearing about the death of someone Read More

Why Join a Business Network?

This is a question that my members share with me a lot. They talk mostly the 'will' I 'won't I' process they went through when first considering joining a network. So why should you ? Why Read More

Inspired Women in History

During research, we often come across a woman in history who made an impression, left  their mark, or was way ahead of their time. i often think how much I would love to talk with them to find out how they tackled the clear adversity they would have faced in a far more oppressed time.

Review – Janine Shepherd’s Visit with Women with Altitude

On Wednesday of last week, (22nd May) we had the pleasure of meeting Janine Shepherd, author of Never tell me Never.  Some professional and diverse businesses set up trade displays at our event, and impressed Read More

Women in Business – Wobbles

Last week I had a bad case of what I call the wobbles. - No it wasn't various body parts although they DO wobble too. You may know what I’m referring to if  I give Read More

Women with Altitude Kick off Brave Magazine

Hi everyone, I hope you like my short introductory video to our new magazine for Professional Women in Western Sydney and Regional area. There is a PDF here that details the various ways you can Read More

Happy International Women’s Day – March 8th 2013

Another year to celebrate International Women's Day has come and gone, and I must say that last Friday I was as ever proud to be a woman and to be part of an event that Read More

Working at home

Working  at home with the kids running around, is a challenge whatever their age! These school holidays there are loads of us doing it. What I’ve noticed this holidays is that its more mentally tiring Read More

The ‘Busyness’ Syndrome?

We recently held our Women with Altitude Christmas in July event in Springwood, to a wonderful turnout of 68 women. As I chatted, the recurring theme on women’s minds seemed to be juggling ye olde Read More

Is Customer Service dying a slow death?

If you believe all the hype it seems apparent that never before has the consumer /customer held so much power. With retail suffering and many business grumbling about tough times I wondered if switched on Read More

Ted Talks – 13 minute Presentation from Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

Hi Everyone, As promised at our Women with Altitude luncheon last week, I am posting the link to this thought provoking presentation from journalist Gayle Lemmon. We simply didn't have time to play the video Read More

Gathering for a celebration – 8th March 2012

On Thursday we held our lunch in honour of International Womens Day. The main goal was to celebrate who we are as women, with the duality of how far we have come and how far Read More

International Womens Day – What does it mean?

I have been working today on our upcoming event for Women with Altitude, A celebratory lunch for International Womens Day. As I researched this particular day I was surprised to learn that IWD has been Read More